Wednesday, June 3, 2009

true creeps

Sorry to lead you here under false pretense, but it turns out city people are nosier than I remembered. And I thought that was just small towns, yo.

Anyways, no. I am NOT posting pictures of the Cowboy. But in an effort to compromise, here's photos of the country cruise.

I don't know if my camera captured it, but the sunset that evening looked like Crayola's 96-pack. After seven months of winter, North Dakota isn't used to blues, oranges and greens. I've always wondered why people would want to live so far from civilization but this cruise seemed to highlight the benefits. Then a tick crawled in my hair. And down my shirt.

Had I known we'd be train riding on this country cruise, I'd have packed my map, passport and a much needed Samantha P. She and I toured Europe by Rail together in 2006. If not for her, I'd still be there, holding a jar of Nutella in one hand and a sign saying "Will drug traffic for Irish tea" in the other.

Some people see photos like these and remember the days when milk came from cows and shopping malls closed on Sundays. 

Me? I see them and think "How on Earth do they get out in winter?" 

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