Thursday, February 25, 2010

the car buying continues....

I'm shopping for cars tomorrow. A small endeavor compared to most problems in the world, but for me, I've been biting my nails for weeks. So I'm progressing prepared.

I've already made lists: these cars, with these miles, at these dealerships for these prices. And then I scribbled NADA's trade-in and suggested retail values.

I called my bank, inquiring about a loan, asking for which interest rates I qualified. My credit score is "excellent" and based on my debt and income, the lender said I can only borrow a certain amount (actually a little more than I even wanted) and I had to keep my payments within a certain dollar figure... the same dollar figure I'd allowed myself. Perfect.

(Sorry, but I'm not getting into specifics here, ya nosy. I don't mind telling you about the times I face-planted in snow or farted next to my boyfriend, but my face would blush redder if you saw my financial figures than if Mother Theresa walked in on me in the shower.)

No matter what I pay though, cars will always cost too much money and I will never be rich enough. Philosophers questioned speaking in absolutes. Well, until I win the Powerball (a $1 ticket I NEVER purchase) I will never be rich enough. That is always true.

But so far, I've surmised that this car-buying process may go smoother than I expected. I still know nothing about cars, but I've learned a little about buying one.

Wish me luck :)


  1. Luck. I'm still waiting for the story about 4 doors versus 2 doors... He was a sweet old man.

  2. Good Luck Katie!!! Test drive them all. Make sure you push all the buttons and levers. Make sure the heat and AC works! Make sure EVERYTHING works and if it doesn't and you want it to, they'll fix and shouldn't add to the price :) Be smart! Cowboy going with you at all? or anyone?

  3. What are you thinking about? I miss my blazer like nobodies business. I WILL get another SUV when I can afford it!


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