Monday, April 12, 2010

had it been the first date, we'd ne'er had enjoyed a second

Ok, I have lots and lots and LOTS to write about, but until then, I have this short story.

Cowboy and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date Friday by dining at the restaurant in which we shared our first meal. It's the nice restaurant in town and of course, the most expensive. (That's how you know it's a small town... because it's THE nice restaurant in town rather an **one of** the nicest)

He wore Wrangler jeans and Cowboy boots and I wore a little black dress, because that's how we roll. We are our own people. Manifested in attire we wear.

He treated me better than that first night, opening every door, spooning my appetizer and this time, I even let him pick me up at my apartment. (I said I'd meet him there, the first time, heh).

To quote his sister: "What a loser."

But I was in a state of mush, totally lapping it up like a thirsty puppy on an August afternoon.

Cowboy held my hand, took my coat and ordered for me. When he told me I was beautiful, I agreed.

But when the check came, his wallet didn't.

Did I leave it in the car? he asked. My other jacket? Let me go look...

Sure enough, no. He had no wallet. No cash. No credit card. The jerk thought opening doors and flirty compliments would get him a free dinner? He was wrong. I may have paid the bill, but he paid later... in the form of washing my dishes and vacuuming the carpet ;)


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