Wednesday, January 14, 2009

morning sickness

Every morning I listen to the national news as I get dressed, curl my hair and sip my coco-latte concoction. This morning, my stomach lurched... 

Check out Chicago, the weatherman said. Schools are starting late so the temps can warm up a little before the kids walk to class. Today's high is 15 degrees there, that's not with windchill, no, no, no, he said, that's just air temp.

Inner-city Chicago kids may have poor schooling, public transportation and rival gang violence, but they've got nothing on me and my N.D. homies. Nothing. 

Current North Dakota air temp: 25 below. Today's high: minus 12. Yes, really. And our kids are in school. 

A big THANK YOU is due to Renee M. who texted me last night saying, Wish you Warmth... it's 50 DEGREES HERE.

Awesome Renee. We're only talking a 75 DEGREE difference. The least you could do is share. 


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  1. Just to update you-- Denver got up to 64 today. And it's supposed to be even better tomorrow. I'll think of you while I'm laying out... ;)


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