Friday, November 6, 2009

Shooting spree hits North Dakota!

Do you have school today? I thought so. Throughout North Dakota, most districts don't.

Despite popular belief, no. It isn't winter yet. School was not canceled due to weather. Actually, it's a temperature many North Dakota's consider too hot.

With the exception of my Northern neighbors, no one calls calls 60 degrees "too hot." In fact, 60 is the IDEAL temperature for all things softball, basketball, football and golf. Swimmers may balk at its sweat-shirt requiring nature-- but they're indoor people anyway.

The first Friday in November is a holiday by state standards-- one like Halloween where to trick or treat, one must act the part. Costumes are limited for this celebration, however, as participants may only dress as pumpkins, construction cones or an overgrown thorn bush.

Liquor stores stock up on beer, bars add more employees and accidents occur inside the gas station as all the patrons are in camouflage and therefore, blend together.

Today, is a day of bonding for many families. Today, there is no vehicle but a pickup and Today, 14-year-olds may handle firearms.

Happy Deer Gun Season Day.

To see the effects of deer gun season on local businesses, click here.

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  1. Kate-
    At least you don't live next to Wisconsonites. They just passed a law allowing 10 year olds to hunt with dad. But at least they just repealed the law that allowed that same 10 year old to stop at the bar on the way home and enjoy the brewski of his choice with a family member. ND sounds much more sophisticated. See you at Thanksgiving. We'll be bringing the deer sausage as usual. You should be used to it.
    Barb & Chuck


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