Monday, November 30, 2009

Boxers? Nope. This one is briefs.

I've got a long (see: length of House Bill 3200) update on the way. I promise. But in the meantime, allow me to update you in brief.

* Cowboy and I drove 788 miles in a borrowed car to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

  • Said family wasn't expecting us.
  • I should have majored in lying... oh wait I studied PR. 
* While visiting, Cowboy flashed his house plans like a pedophile on the playground. 
  • My 23-year-old brother questioned why a person would chop trees to cook food in an oven kept in the living room. A conversation regarding wood-burning stoves and their heating capabilities ensued.  
  • Framing for Cowboy's house begins this weekend. If you have a hammer, you're invited. Double points if yours is pink (like mine).
  • I was a little embarrassed by my brother's city-dom until...
* We ran out of fuel 40 miles from home and couldn't fill up because it was after 6 on a Sunday. Even on one of the biggest travel days of the year, small town gas stations in North Dakota CLOSE. Cowboy said we could call Triple A. I disagreed. Now, Cowboy's left ear is slightly longer than his right. I'm going to blame it on his bling, despite his un-pierced ear. 

* Cowboy asked if our roadside badger-sighting "blew my mind." Yes. Much like my reaction to Einstein's theory of relativity, Beethoven's fifth and Pluto's dis-planet-ness, so blown is my brain right now. Kind of like yours, if you could just hand me your deer rifle, please.

* For the winter holidays, Cowboy said he'd prefer a makeover to traditional gifts like hammer saws and bathroom slippers. I'm starting with his wardrobe. Next time you see him, he'll be wearing a paddy cap and argyle sweater vest. 

* We played Nintendo 64 like it was 1996 again. I got so aggressive, I "rammed the shit" out of Princess Peach's face. 

Oh yeah. Don't miss that one. 

PS: Here's a shout out to the person/people in Tanzania who read my blog for 64 minutes yesterday. Jambo to you :)


  1. Ok, that's it! When are you and Cowboy getting your behinds down here to Tucson??? You two can even have the bed! Come on!!! Also, I will be in O-Town over New Year's, you should too.

  2. I can't even tell you how many times I laughed out loud reading this, for more than one reason.

    Maybe mostly because I was there to experience all most all of it, and my first-hand experiences are always funnier when seen through your eyes, Katie.

    Love. It.

  3. you make me laugh irresistably! oh and you should have called AAA!

  4. hahaha...64 minutes in tanzania would be me. :D

  5. Tanzania?! That's awesome.

    I had Zimbabwe once...but they didn't stick arund THAT long...


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