Monday, May 3, 2010

His and hers decorating: seeing green

Cowboy informed me yesterday: *not* every room in the house can be green.

I don't want EVERYTHING green. Now that's just crazy. We picked out cherry-stained cabinets and a sand/black counter top to coordinate with the gray ceramic tile. See? No green. All I ask is the walls...

I don't see the problem, I said.

It can't be green everywhere, he said. You want to walk into every room and see green??

Suddenly I'm having second thoughts about this marriage.

Um... yes?

If it's this or the antlers, I truly don't know what I'll chose.

I blame my father.


  1. Bahahaha! Good that you're getting all this arguing out of the way before you get hitched.

  2. it's ireland - that's what the green is for. we are just paying homage:)


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