Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helping sands

They postponed the three-ring circus, but Jamestown still walks a tight rope. 

In anticipation of high-pressure water releases, volunteers will build temporary levees to protect local property. I'm not worried about loss of life or loss of limb, I'm just worried I lost my mind as I signed up to join them. 

At first, I'd hesitated. 

What if my pointy-toed shoes popped a hole in the polypropylene? That could compromise the dam's integrity...

Then I thought of all the awesome stories I'd write and awards I'd win. If this was about integrity, I thought, pass me a shovel. 

Wear water-proof boots and worker gloves, the signer-upper said. I asked if water-proof boots are the same as the ones I sport when I want to blend in with the natives. They're not. 

I haven't determined what "worker" gloves are, but I'm hoping two pairs of "regular" gloves will work just as well. 

I don't know exactly what I'll be doing other than it involves tossing the equivalent of frozen turkeys for six hours. I cooked a fool-proof turkey breast once... How hard could this be?



  1. LOL I wish you the best of luck. I agree, if you can cook a turkey...god damn woman you can do anything!!!

  2. Thankfully they have super cute golashers (rain boots) at Target! I am not sure if you have one of those, but they are useful for keeping dry/not getting electrocuted since they are rubber. As for worker boots, I suggest really getting a pair. A Hardware store should have them, and I sure hope Jamestown has one of those.



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