Monday, August 31, 2009

brief respite

To all the fans of Cowboy: here's a post for you:

After a weekend of working on his house (don't worry, more to come), Cowboy mostly did little projects this weekend. I help by wielding hammers between him and his construction buddies... until they determine I'm too slow and chuck them at each other instead.

These photos are from the job site.

Basically, you're looking out his soon-to-be windows. Which is better than looking in his windows, as that's just creepy.

Cowboy's great-grandparents pumped water with this windmill. It's not exactly in working condition, but it's not something he wants to tear down either. I can't blame him.

I give North Dakota a hard time, but at sunset she cleans up nice. Maybe she had a date or something...


  1. Precious! When do I get to see pics of you and Cowboy together???

  2. Well, I don't know about photos of me and him together, but you'll be seeing photos of him soon, my dear. I'm working on a post about his building project, and OHMYGAWDITSADOOZIE.

    So buy some suspenders or wear a belt or something. This post is so good, it's practically pants-dropping.


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