Saturday, August 15, 2009

wallet wise

I read in a women's magazine that random acts of thriftiness are no longer taboo.

For example, if someone compliments your sweater, you no longer have to blush and hope they don't notice it's last season, the magazine said. Now, you have the freedom to say "Target clearance rack!" and not feel ashamed.

Let me tell you something.

This is not a trend. This is PURE North Dakotan.

Up here, people mock those who carry purses that cost more than $50... $40 even. Why would you spend more than $50 on a wallet-carrier when you could save your money and spend it on a $1,000 crossbow at Cabela's?

When I visited the clinic for my annual check up, my doctor knew how much each prescription cost and which was the best value. I don't know if you'll want this one, he said, it's 50 bucks a month.

The sales associates at clothing stores suggest you buy what's on sale, rather than what's full price.

I bought $4 coffee once, and the co-workers made fun of me.

So this "trend," this supposed new-fangled rhetoric, was stolen straight from the Upper Plains. And let me tell you something else. It has never gone out of style.


  1. Don't knock it lady! ND isn't the only place you can find a girl wearing a top from Walmart... Maybe not pairing it with Armani jeans, but I guess this makes me only a partial misfit!

  2. Hey, I'm no magazine-ist. I make regular-people wages. This was no "knock" to North Dakota. This was a kudos actually. Spending money just to show off was NEVER trendy here. I just wanted all the fashion mags to know, they're no style-starters. North Dakota set the trend on this one.

    Sorry if I was unclear... :)

  3. Women here often stop paying for things like waxing or manicures when it's deer season. We need the money for ammo.


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