Friday, September 25, 2009

falling in love

with FALL, ya freak-os...

The weather around here is starting to smell of burnt leaves and apple cider. It makes me wish I had a kid, if only to take it to Vala's Pumkin Patch.

In the fall, patios should came standard with basement apartments.

As a child, when the autumn leaves fell, so did the dollar signs in my parents' checking account. The spending was legit: school tuition, new tennis shoes and the St. Stephen the Martyr craft show.

Pictures like this make me fear the snow, the grey, the death.

But pictures like these tell me the world will blossom again.


  1. :) these pics make me happy, and make me wish i lived in a place where fall (or seasons in general) actually existed.

  2. You don't have to live here, just visit. North Dakota: where the chocolate is hot! :)


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