Friday, July 17, 2009

country vs. city attire

Since Cowboy’s apartment flooded, he’s moved more than the freshmen skank in college dorms: three times in three months.

In an effort to reduce the plastic tubs, cardboard boxes and garbage bags full of shit valuable possessions, I helped him sort. Two piles, I said, one to keep and one to toss.

For the most part, the work was easy. But one item bore the soul of the devil, it was so hot.

Me: This shirt has holes in it. I’m tossing.


Me: Important shirt?

Him: Yeah, important shirt. Like, I wear it to interviews and stuff.

Me: A shirt with holes? You wear a black, short-sleeve polo with holes in your gut to a job interview?

Him: It’s worked every time... I've gotten every job I've interviewed for in that shirt.

Me: Really? Maybe your employer is just distracted by your fancy-looking suit pants... What do you wear it with?

Him: Jeans.

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