Saturday, July 25, 2009

truth comes out

The other day I was Facebook chatting with my old pal and Creightonian (student newspaper) buddy, Brian, aka BNORT.

BNORT too is a city kid. In fact to him, Omaha was small. So when it comes to the country versus city-side of this blog, I guess I figured he was on my side.

I guessed wrong.

BNORT: So? Medora?
Me: yes...
BNORT: excited?
Me: yeah, it's just me and my pal, Cookie. No Cowboy. Sorry if that disappoints. I think he's more popular than I am on that blog.
BNORT: haha, he does add some entertainment value. but i'm sure you going to this medora place will be plenty entertaining.

Great Brian, great. I feel like the last kid picked at the dodge ball game IN MY OWN BACKYARD. So now I'm going to have to borrow a riffle and shoot something, just make you love me.

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